The Artist


Born in 1964 at Dannemarie (Haut Rhin), Adele went to Marseille in 1989.  In 2000 she followed an artistic course in Alain Magot's studio in Velaux where she learnt how to use the "Lâche-toi" technique.
In 2001 she painted in auto dictate. She participated in numerous regional competitions and won prizes.

The Artist :

"I give my vision of the world. My imagination is full of simplicity and natural. My desire for originality pushes my creation. My warm painting is born is an explosion of colours, I think of the colours of Provence, the cote d'Azur, the blue coast and of Marseille these are the places that awake the meaning of my life.
Not being figurative or contemporary my graphic conception is free; my universe is impressionist.
Let me transmit to you the beauty of my emotions, the magnetism or the sensuality that arise from these sumptuous Mediterranean views of France and beyond.
My gallery is open to you.
I will be waiting there for you to share the love that I feel in the accomplishment of my artistic passion."

Her History

The Artists path

  • 1989 Sculptures with porcelain plaster
  • 1990 1st PRIZE at Septèmes les Vallons (13), free expression competition: fight against AIDS
  • 1998 Enrolment "Artiste Peintres of Velaux" association
  • 2000 Competition with the theme "And Women created Man" at Septèmes les Vallons.
  • 2001 Competition with the theme "Draw me a Prevert poem" at Septèmes
  • 2001 Collective exposition called "the painters of Septèmes rendez-vous"
  • 2001 Collective exposition in honour of the great Victor Hugo
  • 2002 1st PRIZE gallery AREMAT / Marseille, competition with "the old port" theme
  • 2002 Personal exposition at the Clinique Residence du Park in Marseille
  • 2003 Participation at the 5th Salon of painters and sculptors of LONGCHAMPS
  • 2003 Enrolment at the "the Square of the Artists of St Victor" association
  • 2003 Exposition in the street of the celebration of ESTAQUE
  • 2003  2nd competition through the "Square of Artists " association
  • 2003 1st PRIZE Gallery PHOCEA competition
  • 2003 Competition of the painters and sculptors of the Mairie 9/10 in Marseille
  • 2003 Competition " Plastic Arts" for the "Green Lizard" association in GRAINS IN PROVENCE
  • 2004 Exposition for the celebration of Estaque
  • 2005 1st PRIZE at the competition of the Mairie 9/10 in Marseille
  • 2005 Exposition in Estaque
  • 2005 Participation in competition at the Gallery "Art makes life more beautiful", in Marseille
  • 2005 Independent exposition at the Gallery "Les Crayons Bleus", in Marseille
  • 2005 Independent exposition for the annual sale of the wine of the Hospices of Beaune
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